Ness Bros. Helps Seniors Turn the Page

Living alone in a large family home can be isolating and expensive, and the memories surrounding you can make it hard to downsize. Sometimes you need someone who can help with decision-making and get you through the emotional paralysis holding you back.

“It can seem like an impossible task because it’s hard to separate emotion from things you’ve been given and acquired over a lifetime,” says Kurt Ness, co-owner of Ness Bros.

Ness Bros. is a three-generation family-owned company. Established in 1961 and serving communities in northeastern Indiana, the company provides live and online auctions, traditional real estate sales, appraisals and senior relocation services.

“Our clients always have the final say, but we can help them put things in perspective and offer guidance,” says Ness. “If you don’t need or love something, it’s best to let it go.”
Co-owner Steve Ness agrees.

“It can be a stressful process,” he says. “Our dedicated team oversees every aspect of the journey, including decluttering, packing, organizing estate sales, and identifying the perfect new residence, all aimed at making the move as smooth as possible.”

Downsizing looks different for everyone, whether needing assisted living, moving from a home to a condo, or from a large two-story house to a smaller single-level residence.

Regardless of an individual’s situation, moving can be a difficult and stressful event.

People who are older and need to make a move aren’t able to rely on friends and family who have moved away or passed on.

To help in the process, Ness Bros. has published a 70-page handbook. “Road Map to Downsizing, Right Size the Right Way” outlines the steps to making a move, including information about how to create a moving plan and utilize available resources to meet goals.

In addition to being a real estate broker, Ness Bros. sells items and homes through online and live auctions. Sellers who want to avoid negotiating repairs and price reductions will often choose to sell their home through a live auction.

“Our expertise shines when coordinating the logistics of the move,” says Kurt. “We manage the scheduling of movers, oversee packing and unpacking, and even assist in setting up the new home. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition, allowing seniors to focus on the excitement of starting a new life chapter, while we handle the rest.”

Starting a new chapter late in life isn’t easy but Ness Bros. can help handle the difficult choices needed for a smooth transition.

“What sets us apart is our commitment to personalization,” says Kurt. “We take the time to truly connect with our clients, understanding their lifetime of memories and belongings, acknowledging the emotional attachment to these possessions, and prioritizing what matters most to them.”

Ness Bros. Realtors & Auctioneers is located at 3344 Mallard Cove Lane in Fort Wayne and 519 N. Jefferson St. in Huntington. For a free copy of the handbook, go to or call (800) 356-3911.