Do You Have Fresh Air in Your Home?

How comfortable and healthy you feel at home has a lot to do with the air you breathe.

“Without conditioned clean air, our world would be very different,” says Ben Sherman, co-owner with his brother, Jake, of Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning, 3750 N. Wells St. “We wouldn’t have the quality of life we take for granted.”

Reaching optimum air quality has everything to do with quality equipment, regular maintenance, fresh air, humidity regulation, and well-trained professionals who can make sure all equipment is installed properly and working correctly.

Brockman’s specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of heating and air conditioning systems and water heaters. They also carry a full line of indoor air quality systems, such as humidifiers and air cleaners, and service all major brands of gas, propane, and oil furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers, duct-less systems and water heaters.

The Brockman staff is fully licensed and insured. The technicians follow the best practices in terms of safety and professional conduct on every job. The staff has weekly training sessions to stay current on all the latest trends, industry updates, and customer care, Sherman says.

Some problems with heating and air conditioning are obvious to homeowners, especially if the equipment shuts down or utility bills sharply increase. However, other problems having to do with efficient operation are not so obvious.

“A unit can be performing inefficiently or have a dangerous problem and still keep a house comfortable. You’re dealing with products that use high-voltage electricity, explosive gases, and poisonous gases, so the unit has to be installed correctly and regularly checked and maintained,” Sherman says.

The newer smart thermostats can let homeowners know if there is a system problem, but other types of thermostats don’t have that capability.

Sherman recommends an annual cleaning and maintenance checkup for furnaces and air conditioners. Brockman’s can put customers on a plan to keep track of warranties, perform the required maintenance, ensure safe operation, and send maintenance reminders.

Every manufacturer’s warranty requires maintenance, he adds.

“When a Brockman technician comes to a home, that person has been extensively trained and is professionally certified, working with the top manufacturers in the industry to deliver the best equipment and services,” Sherman adds.

Still, homeowners can also be vigilant. One of the best things a homeowner can do is change the furnace filter regularly. Upgrading to a better filtration system is a great place to start improving one’s indoor air quality because it filters out more particles and keeps a home and the furnace cleaner. Some furnaces are built with a small slot for a one-inch filter to keep costs down when purchasing a unit, but it’s inefficient in the long run, Sherman says. Too much or too little humidity can cause problems for people, furniture, and woodwork in a home. In the winter, humidity levels should be around 30 percent, and in the summer, below 50 percent.

It’s important to bring fresh air into the home, whether by opening windows or by using an automatic fresh air ventilation system when temperatures are too extreme. A good fresh air system will filter the air of particles and pollutants before bringing air into the home.

“Fresh air is the most overlooked way to create a healthy indoors,” Sherman says. “Newer homes, especially, are often airtight and can create an unhealthy environment.”

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