Functional Medicine Can Improve Thyroid Conditions

For those who’ve been diagnosed with thyroid disease, successful treatment can depend on more than standard medications alone.

Dr. Lucas D. Gafken, DC, DACNB, a chiropractic neurologist at Health N.O.W., says functional medicine utilizes natural solutions for hypothyroidism which can not only improve energy levels, weight control and thyroid function, but also can improve underlying conditions that interact.

In his clinic at 2146 State Road 8 in Auburn, Ind., Gafken helps patients to improve upon standard thyroid treatment.

“I usually see patients with a low thyroid function condition that begins between the ages of 35 and 65,” he says. “We approach their treatment with discussion about food sensitivities, inflammation, vitamin deficiencies, and gut or adrenal imbalances.”

Gafken integrates traditional western methods with innovative practices from eastern cultures to identify root causes of underlying conditions. He develops a customized plan to influence and improve seemingly unrelated symptoms including night sweats, heart palpitations, fatigue, weight gain and more.

“We conduct blood and saliva tests to pinpoint thyroid hormone imbalances, food sensitivities as well as other forms of dysfunction,” Gafken says. “We also address lifestyle changes and detoxification of the liver and other vital organs. We can improve a sluggish liver’s function and aid in the recycling process to more efficiently cleanse the body.”

Hormone imbalances can directly affect the thyroid’s operation, Gafken explains. An imbalance in estrogen or testicular hormones can be corrected, helping patients to feel healthier.

“Vitamin deficiencies are also key to helping patients control thyroid issues as well as overall health benefits,” Gafken says. “If adrenal glands are not functioning properly, patients can experience poor sleep and wake up feeling tired. Patients struggle with gut problems or what we call leaky gut. Products like ginseng, vitamins B and D, and others can aid in easing these symptoms.”

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