Taking Care of Your Concrete Floors

Duration Concrete Coatings, by Duralast of Fort Wayne, can transform the look of your basement floor, garage floor and other outdoor concrete spaces while making them stronger, more durable and more resistant to the effects of weather, salt and sun. The business specializes in garage floor coverings, commercial concrete coatings, residential concrete coatings and chip color customization.

Dan Diven, residential manager, says homeowners use concrete coatings to repair old concrete or prevent damage to new concrete. The coatings are resistant to chemicals, UV exposure and heavy traffic. They are also maintenance free, easy to clean and protected by a lifetime warranty.

“Most people want to improve the look of their home, especially if they have made other improvements,” he says. “The concrete coating gives a nice, finished look that complements the home.”

“Our product is thicker and tougher and more durable than epoxy paint,” Diven continues. “Our product won’t be damaged by oil and grease, extreme temperatures, salt, heavy equipment and tools dropped on the floor.”

Epoxy paint has been commonly used in homes within the past 10 years, and was many people’s only option to cover concrete, Diven says. Though epoxy is still used today, it’s an outdated method, he adds.

Epoxy is water based, making it a thinner solution, and can turn color with exposure to sunlight. It’s pitted, and peels and cracks with repeated exposure to salt. However, Duration Concrete Coatings uses polyurea and acrylic coatings that are oil-based, thicker, and five times stronger than other products, Diven says.

The polyurea and acrylic coatings are applied in three steps.

First, pitting and other damage to existing concrete is smoothed out with a grinder. Then, a polyurea base coat is applied before topping that off with an acrylic paint in different colors (chips) and textures. A polyurea topcoat finishes the job.

With an extensive range of chip colors, homeowners can choose a shade that perfectly complements their interior design or outdoor space, whether they prefer a more natural look or want to make a bold statement, Diven adds.

Chip colors are not just about looking good – they can also help improve the functionality of the floor by providing texture to prevent slipping, mask dirt, add durability, and resist UV damage. Sand can be mixed into the topcoat to give even more texture and grip to surfaces when wet.

About 60 percent of the company’s business is garage floors, while the other 40 percent of homeowners want coatings on porches, patios, sidewalks, basements and pool areas.

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