One-Stop Renovating, Indoors & Out

If it involves your home’s interior or exterior, Wright Brothers Renovation & Design can design it, construct it and install it. That’s what Brian Alberding would like you to know about the company he co-owns with business partner David Wright.

“Our niche in the market is that we do everything,” says Alberding. “We provide the design work, structural or mechanical engineering work and the full installation, whether removing walls to open up spaces, renovating a kitchen or bath, adding extra rooms, or doing a full home exterior makeover with new roof, windows and siding or stone. That’s what sets us apart.”

For homeowners, this means dealing with one contractor from start to finish, with all tradespeople in close communication and working on an agreed-upon schedule. The company’s expertise in both the aesthetic and technical aspects of a renovation allow for a one-stop, simple experience.

Wright Brothers also has a deep knowledge of products.

“We’ve learned a lot through trial and error. That’s part of what people pay us for – our experience,” he says. “Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of things go wrong with home products – shingles that fail, siding that fades, kitchen cabinets that de-laminate and so on. We stay with brands we know because we stand behind our work. We use professional-grade products from companies we trust and very seldom purchase from a big-box store.”

Another advantage of the company’s longevity is its knowledge of the Fort Wayne area.

“When a homeowner calls me and tells me their address, I know what the construction of homes in that neighborhood is like, and in what era the home was built. Our experience with past jobs in similar homes helps us to know what works well.”

Many people are improving their homes right now, realizing they’ll earn money back when they sell their homes.

“We’re seeing a lot of homeowners who want nicer kitchens and bathrooms and also want rooms connected that were previously separated by walls,” says Alberding. “The main things a realtor plays up are a newer kitchen, bathrooms, windows and roof. Some buyers want a fixer-upper, but most want a home that’s ready to live in without having to seek out a contractor.”

Home renovation TV shows are fueling ideas.

“They inspire people to make over their own homes. Really, the possibilities are endless for making a home more attractive, more functional, and just more enjoyable to live in.”

Every homeowner considering a renovation of any kind should get references and learn how a company operates. Sadly, the home improvement market sees its share of unreliable contractors who sometimes take short-cuts, use inferior products or fail to stand behind their work. They hook customers by offering cut-rate prices that may cost more money in the long run.

“I get calls every year from people whose projects were left unfinished or installed improperly,” he says. “Their building budget is gone but there’s still a lot of work left to be done.”

Wright Brothers offers free on-site consultations to give homeowners a general analysis of what work would be involved in their project and roughly what it would cost. If customers decide to proceed, meetings are set up with staff members who have expertise relevant to the project. For example, Lisa Habben is a kitchen and bath designer with 25 years of experience; Michal Blevins has 20 years of experience in plumbing and HVAC systems; and Mike Walters has spent two decades improving the curb appeal of home exteriors. Next, detailed estimates are provided, the staff works up drawings and a timeline is agreed upon for starting and finishing the project.

“Do problems arise that impact the timeline? Yes, they do,” says Alberding, noting that pandemic-related supply chain issues have made this year particularly challenging. “But you have to have a goal for completion.”

Alberding has 38 years of experience “doing what I love.” His business skill and David Wright’s talent in field operations are a winning combination.

“I enjoy recruiting, developing and training good people and bringing them up to our speed,” says Alberding. “It’s all about maintaining a high level of expertise and providing excellent customer service from the moment a customer makes that first call and is greeted by a real human being on the phone. I love it when one of our consultants designs a gorgeous job and we bring that design to life and our customers are thrilled. They tell their friends and our business just keeps growing.”

To learn more, stop by the office at 4227 N. Clinton St., or call (260) 434-0660. ❚