Enjoy Club Fitness Equipment at Home

If you’ve ever chosen a hotel based on the high-quality fitness equipment it offers, chances are good the equipment came from Hotel Fitness, a Brigadoon Fitness company located at 1818 Research Drive in Fort Wayne. And if you’ve always wished you could bring that equipment home, you’re in luck.

Brigadoon has begun offering its commercial equipment to residential customers so they can enjoy club-quality equipment in their homes, says Brigadoon Vice President of Sales and Marketing Don Osika.

“If you don’t enjoy using your exercise equipment, it may end up collecting dust,” he says. “Quality commercial equipment motivates people to work out because it just feels better. From the ergonomics to the materials to the comfort, the difference is night and day, versus typical residential equipment. Beyond the benefits of physical health, exercise is also great for stress management and cognitive function.”

For inspiration, Don points to the company’s owner and CEO, Bruce Dye, who lives a fit life.

“Not only does Bruce work out every day, but he also meticulously documents his fitness regime,” says Osika. “From miles walked, to the weight lifted and number of reps on a bench press or with dumbbells, he has his handwritten records dating back more than 20 years. In his 60s, he’s one of the oldest yet fittest people at Brigadoon, both physically and cognitively. He’s a true testament to the quality of life someone can achieve by being fit.”

One of the many things people have realized since the pandemic is that quality home exercise equipment can complement a gym membership. People are drawn to gyms for the classes, socialization and variety of equipment they offer, but more people are choosing to work out at home, also.

“It’s a nice escape to be able to exercise at your convenience in the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home,” says Osika. “Setting up your own gym allows you to create the type of space you want and allows you to pick the specific types of equipment you need. Whether it’s just one treadmill and a set of dumbbells or a full cardio/strength arsenal, your space and equipment will be a major part of your inspiration and motivation.”

Other considerations, when setting up a home fitness area, include having an adequate power source and good Wi-Fi coverage. You’ll also want to have the room climate controlled so you can enjoy your space all year.

Begun as a fitness supplier to hotels in 1994, Brigadoon Fitness today is known for its products in health clubs, corporate fitness centers, apartments, police and fire departments, schools and universities. A portion of its 70,000 square-foot warehouse is dedicated to residential sales.

The company takes pride in its experienced staff and large inventory of equipment and accessories. Its approach to business allows Brigadoon Fitness and its divisions, Hotel Fitness and Orange Italia Outdoor Furniture (residential expansion coming Spring 2021), to provide products and services more efficiently and for a great value, says Osika.

Company leaders believe that, to excel in business, they must also invest in their community. The company does this by supporting local nonprofits and sponsoring community events.
Brigadoon specializes in treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and a variety of styles of bicycles and other cardio equipment made by TRUE Fitness. Its product offerings include seated ellipticals by Octane Fitness that are used to strengthen leg muscles while being especially good for individuals with back or balance problems. The company also sells free weights and multi-use machines for strength training.

Learn more at Brigadoonfitness.com, stop in at 1818 Research Drive, Fort Wayne, or call (800) 269-7130. ❚