How to Navigate Today’s Flooring Options

Recent advances in flooring technology allow consumers to find just the right look they want at the quality and price point they need. Having so many options can be confusing, however, and all flooring is not equal, no matter how good it looks. An educated salesperson can make all the difference between a frustrating or successful shopping experience as you navigate the many industry and marketing terms in the world of flooring.

“The flooring industry has come a long way and there’s a lot to know,” says Brittany Brouer, marketing director at Van’s Home Center, 106 Peckhart Ct., Auburn, Ind. “At our store, each customer is greeted by an educated and helpful salesperson who is with you the whole time.”

For example, although a manufacturer might state a type of flooring is waterproof, that may not mean it’s able to withstand a flooded basement. A consumer needs to understand its specific properties before buying. 

“If you go somewhere thinking you’re getting a good deal on flooring that’s 99 cents a square foot, it may not be engineered to do what you want it to do,” says Brouer. “It’s important to know if the warranty is for a lifetime or a few years and if there’s a pet protection warranty. The guarantees indicate the quality of the floor.” 

Also, many warranties are not enforceable unless a product is professionally installed, something that should give pause to do-it-yourselfers who buy cheap flooring from chain stores.

A leading trend today is the wide array of low-maintenance luxury vinyl products made to look like hardwood planks (LVP) or natural stone tile (LVT).

Beveled edges, detailed grooves and excellent graining details make today’s hardwood look-alikes difficult to distinguish from more expensive engineered or solid hardwood. 

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) gives the appearance of stone or marble, but resists moisture, stains and scratches. It won’t crack or dent, either. Homes in all price points are making good use of these attractive new vinyl products. 

A locally owned, family business, Van’s Home Center opened in 1973 and has expanded from a 1,500 square-foot store to a 75,000 square-foot “one stop” showroom for the home. Along with flooring, it sells appliances, furniture, mattresses, cabinetry, countertops and more, says Brouer.
“We’re large enough to compete with big-box stores and we price competitively.”
Visit the store at 106 Peckhart Court, Auburn, Ind., call (260) 927-8267 to learn more. ❚