How to Save Money on Utilities This Winter

With the price of everything going up, homeowners want to control costs when possible and one of the best places to start is with your heating system.

“As we head into winter, one of the easiest and quickest ways to keep more money in your pocket has to do with how you heat your home,” says Ben Sherman, co-owner of Brockman Heating and Air Conditioning, in Fort Wayne, with his brother, Jake. “Heating is typically the largest utility bill and also the easiest one to control.”

One of the best tips Sherman has for controlling heat costs includes setting the thermostat as low as possible. Each degree lowered can cut the heating costs between one and three percent, he says.

A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature while you are asleep or away from home and can reduce energy consumption by about 25 percent, he adds.

It’s also important to have a yearly maintenance check and cleaning on the furnace and change the furnace filter once a month, unless you have one made to last longer. Clean warm air registers, baseboard heaters and radiators as needed and make sure they are not blocked by furniture, carpeting or drapes, he suggests.

Other ways to cut costs in the home include caulking and weather stripping to keep the warm air in during the winter. Minimize the use of exhaust fans, which pull warm air out of the home. Add insulation around heat ducts in unheated spaces like the garage, attic and crawl spaces. Repair holes or separated joints in the ducts. Make sure the damper is closed when not using the fireplace. Keep draperies and shades on the south side of the home open to let sunlight in and close them at night to reduce the chill. Use the reverse setting on ceiling fans to turn the blades clockwise during the winter months to bring heated air down.

“For some long-term energy savings, think about updating that old furnace,” Sherman adds. “Switching to a 95 percent efficient furnace can easily save homeowners up to 30 percent in monthly heating costs.”

Homeowners are unified in their frustrations with rising costs, Sherman has noticed.
“You’re not alone. The average Fort Wayne home is now paying up to 40 percent more in energy bills compared to two years ago. And, unfortunately, utility companies are expected to raise prices again in the near future,” he says.

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