How to Care for Your Furniture

Buying quality furniture is a big investment, so it only makes sense to properly care for it to keep it looking good for as long as possible.

“Top quality furniture is made to last, but it will show signs of wear and tear unless you take steps to prevent that from happening,” says sales manager and designer Arianna Brock of Fairfield Galleries, US 33 North, Fort Wayne. “People think about how to use furniture, but they don’t give much thought to how to take care of it. Everything in the home needs to be cleaned and maintained to look good and be functional.”

Every piece of furniture and fabric has a different cleaning code that should be read and adhered to, she says. The code tells you how to clean the material and it may also tell you what product to use, whether a solvent-based or water-based cleaner, or no cleaner at all. Some materials require only a wipe with a damp cloth or vacuuming.

Brock has several tips on how to keep that quality furniture looking like it was just delivered.
It’s a good idea to rotate and fluff cushions, since people tend to sit in the same chair or in the same place on a sofa. Most seat cushions are the same on both sides, so they can easily be flipped. Back cushions are not always removable, but can benefit from a regular fluffing.

Run a damp cloth over wood furniture regularly then dry after to avoid buildup of dust and dirt. For fabric and leather, vacuum regularly with an upholstery brush. Vacuum the frame, too, and take off cushions to clean under them. Brock suggests rotating cushions at least once a week.

Just because wood furniture is long-lasting and solid, and has a great finish, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need protecting.

“Water is wood’s worst enemy,” Brock says. “It’s best to protect the surface of any table by either using a glass table top or placemats and coasters.”

Heat and grease are just as destructive, she says. She has seen instances where people let hot wing trays or pizza boxes sit on a table for a long time without taking any precautions.
“Heat pulls the moisture out of the table and can cause the best finish to be damaged and turn cloudy,” she says.

A little effort can result in better-looking, longer-lasting furniture.

For more information on furniture and interior design, call Brock at (260) 489-5526.