Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

For more than 65 years, people have relied on Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning for their home comfort and peace of mind.

“The small family business began with a focus on caring for people and the community,” says Ben Sherman, co-owner of the company with his brother, Jake. “Brockman has built a reputation as a business that goes above and beyond for its neighbors.”

Brockman’s, 3750 N. Wells St., Fort Wayne, specializes in the design, engineering and installation of heating systems, air conditioning units and water heaters. They carry a full line of indoor air quality systems, including humidifiers and air cleaners, and service all major brands of gas, propane, and oil furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers, ductless mini-splits and water heaters. The company specializes in American Standard Equipment made in the USA.

“Taking pride in our work starts with putting in the best equipment possible,” Sherman says. “However, the best equipment is only as good as the craftsman installing it. We hire good, hard-working people with similar goals and values, especially those always looking to improve themselves.”

The technicians are fully licensed and insured and follow the best practices in terms of safety and professional conduct.

“It’s important to create a pleasant experience for our customers,” Sherman adds. “When a customer has a problem with equipment, they are often scared and stressed because of the unknown, especially if they are caring for young children or elderly parents in the home, who are more sensitive to temperatures. Our goal is to settle their nerves by letting them know we are there to help them out and take care of any problems. We want to help educate people on their equipment by sharing good information, so people can make the best decisions for themselves.”

Brockman’s is unique in that they have a full-time technician support supervisor in charge of training and 24-hour support of all technicians. All technicians get weekly training on how to care for equipment and care for customers. There is detailed technical training on all manufacturers’ products to understand how equipment is to be installed and operated.

The brothers run the company their grandfather, Vernon, started. Both owners started working at the business as teenagers. Sherman attended college at Purdue University at Fort Wayne and earned a management degree while working for his family. Growing up in the business, he learned the importance of quality work and caring for customers.

“Working in this business has always felt right to me,” he says. “I enjoyed working with my family and I always felt like it was something that I was meant to do. We are a company that treats you like a person, not a transaction.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Brockman’s at (260) 203-0230. ❚