Now’s the Time to Think About Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn makes any house look better, but like any other living thing, it needs to be monitored, fed, enriched, nurtured and loved.

Troy Lewis of Friend Irrigation, 258 Frontage Road, Columbia City, says people have many reasons why they choose to have an irrigation system installed in their yard.

“It keeps your yard in pristine condition and keeps your plants and shrubs watered, too,” he says. “Most homeowners know you have to water the lawn to keep it looking good, but many of those people don’t have the time to do it themselves. For some, the yard is too large.”

Lewis says it takes about an inch of precipitation a week to keep a yard looking nice. His irrigation systems can be programmed to go on and off at different times of the day and week. The systems have a sensor to turn off the water when it rains, he adds.

“Too little or too much rain is not good for a lawn. Grass needs just the right amount of moisture to maintain a healthy appearance. Because rainfall is unpredictable, we can go through periods of dryness and drought,” he says.

In addition to water, lawns need regular maintenance to monitor and prevent weeds, disease and harmful insects that can quickly destroy the look and health of a yard.

Ryan Meinika, owner of Spring Green of Northeastern Indiana, says late spring is when the thick, unsightly stalks of crabgrass are germinating and getting ready to take hold in yards.

“If people want to think of beautifying their yard, now is the time to get signed up and get their lawn care plan started,” he says.

Spring Green of Northeastern Indiana has its main office at 1115 S. Williams Dr., in Columbia City. A satellite office is at 5719 Dupont Road in Fort Wayne.

Their most popular program is the “Preferred Lawn Care,” which includes high-quality fertilizer, targeted weed control, free lawn and landscape evaluation, lawn care and maintenance tips, free service calls and the Spring Green guarantee. There are other programs for those on a limited budget and other services for specific needs.

In addition to lawn care, Spring Green also specializes in outdoor and indoor pest control, tree care, and more.

The lawn care program typically calls for a total of seven fertilizer applications, one every four to six weeks, Meinika says. All fertilizer applications include the right blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for the time of year.

“The first application is a quick-release fertilizer to wake up the grass out of dormancy, green it up and encourage growth. The second application is a pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass germination throughout the late spring and summer months. This is also when we begin to target broadleaf weeks like dandelions and clover,” he says.

This type of fertilizer releases a good dose of nitrogen into the soil when it is needed most. It is water soluble, so homeowners can often see quick results in the growth and greening of a lawn. Once warmer weather has set in and regular mowing takes place, Spring Green switches to a slow-release fertilizer to avoid too much growth too fast.

Meinika says what sets his business apart from the competition is the personalized service and the training technicians must go through. His employees have been with the company a long time, know about the products and services offered, and will respond quickly to customer calls.

Prior to working at Spring Green, applicants must pass a test to be a registered technician. They worked along veteran technicians until fully trained and then can work up to having their own team of workers in a designated area.

“Our training is extremely thorough and sets us apart,” Meinika says. “Each team has their own territories to care for, so they get to know the customers and their lawns, and are able to spot problems early. We’re all about service.”

For more information on caring for your lawn this spring, call Friend Irrigation at (260) 212-0460 or call Spring Green’s Fort Wayne location at (260) 691-0200 or visit their website at ❚