Is Your Home Well-Insulated for Winter?

As the temperatures dip and heating costs rise, there’s no better time to make sure your home is well-insulated for energy savings and comfort.

Koala Insulation of Fort Wayne, 5427 Keystone Dr., specializes in high-performance insulation to deliver comfort, lower energy bills and reduced noise, in addition to protecting the environment by reducing energy waste.

“We cover the entire spectrum of insulation products from batt [rolled fiberglass] to sound deadening, to spray foam and the newest state-of-the-art cellulose products,” says Owner Greg Williams.

Open and closed cell spray foam are both newer technologies and are great solutions for air sealing and insulation, but they are more expensive than fiberglass or cellulose, Williams says. Koala is an exclusive Nu-Wood cellulose installer for Northeast Indiana, and one of the benefits of the product is a 10-year utility reduction guarantee.

Heating and cooling account for more than half of a home’s energy costs. As a home ages, insulation deteriorates and so do seals around windows, doors and lights.

Water leaks and rodent feces can ruin fiberglass and cellulose insulation. If you have had problems with mice, bats, rats or other wild animals, chances are your insulation has been affected, Williams says.

“We can vacuum out any contaminated insulation and replace it with new product. Signs of deterioration include increased energy costs, feeling colder in the winter and feeling hotter in the summer. Most insulation settles after time and we simply have to blow in or top off the existing insulation base to increase the “R” value, which is an indicator of how well insulation is working to keep heat in or out of a home” he says.

Insulation is designed to slow the loss of heating or cooling in a home, but there also needs to be proper airflow to avoid mold, the spreading of pollutants, energy loss and a negative impact on health.

“Ventilation is important to control the environment in a home,” Williams says. “When properly installed, insulation will not cover or block air flow through soffit vents. Solar attic fans can ensure proper attic ventilation. Keeping the attic temperature lower in the summer months will maximize energy efficiency and comfort.”

Koala Insulation has more than 15 years of experience in construction and home services and does free on-site insulation evaluations to determine which product fits each homeowner’s needs and budget. Most jobs can be completed in one day.

“We will help you in the decision-making process, are dependable and will leave no mess behind,” Williams says.

For a free consultation, call Koala at (260) 582-2240. ❚