A Quality Roof Saves You Money Long Term

When Greg Williams, owner of Honest Abe Roofing, opened his business two years ago, he wanted to offer Northeastern Indiana customers someone they could count on from start to finish.

“We started out intending to be different by taking the high road. We consider ourselves a premiere roofing company, having only better and best quality materials, and we offer guarantees beyond all manufacturer’s warranties. We are going to be here, and if your roof fails, we are going to take care of you,” he says.

In particular, Honest Abe is different because they only install new roofs, not ‘roof overs.’ Some roofers offer estimates based on satellite images, while Honest Abe gives a firm quote based on a thorough free inspection.

When meeting with customers, Honest Abe roofers show proof of certifications, insurance and licenses. Their work is guaranteed for the lifetime of the roof, unlike most roofers.

The company has a top rating because of the quality products they use, Williams says. Installers are professionally trained and certified, and they’re required to take continuing education courses to keep up with the latest techniques, products and other necessary information to stay on the cutting edge of the roofing industry.

Honest Abe shingles have scotch guard protection and a high copper content to discourage the growth of algae, which causes black streaks on a roof, Williams says.

He reminds people that roofers are not all the same. Home Improvement scammers are always looking for windows of opportunity to get peoples’ money and then disappear, or not return calls if there is an issue.

“Anyone with a pickup truck and a ladder can say they are a roofer,” Williams says. “They get customers because they offer low prices, but the problem is the quality of materials and installation methods are also low quality, and there is no customer service. The stories I’ve heard are unbelievable. We are a roofing company, not a roofer.”

Some of the scams include taking people’s money, but never showing up for work; putting on a roof that ends up having leaks; calls that are not returned; and making appointments only to find out no one shows up, he says.

Installing a roof is no time to take short cuts.

“Getting a new roof on a home is something most homeowners only do once, unless they move around. So, they don’t always have the experience or the information they need to make a good choice,” Williams says. “Buying a house is most people’s biggest expense they will ever make and getting a new roof is one of the most expensive maintenance costs. The quality of a roof affects the quality of living in the home by protecting the house and those living in it.”

Honest Abe Roofing specializes in installing, repairing and maintaining residential roofs. They provide 24/7 emergency roofing services and many easy-payment solutions, including same-as-cash, 0% financing, long-term/low payment loans and more. They can install gutters, soffit, fascia, trim and siding when putting on a new roof. There are plans to offer more services in the future.

Signs of roof trouble most commonly include damaged flashing, curling shingles and decay over time. Roofs also need to be properly ventilated to prevent mold due to moisture buildup. A roof must also be properly insulated to control utility bills, air quality and uneven heating in the home.

“We offer a lifetime guarantee because we are going to do the job right,” Williams says. “We appeal to people who demand quality and are willing to pay for it. If price is the only thing a homeowner cares about, we walk away from the job because we can’t do it. We are all about quality.

“The reality is that although our roof might be more expensive upfront, our roofs end up being the least expensive over the life of the roof,” Williams adds. “That’s because with an Honest Abe roof, you will never spend another dime on your roof.” ❚