Finding the Root Cause of Your Health Issue

Dr. Lucas D. Gafken DC, DACNB, a chiropractic neurologist at Health N.O.W., says functional medicine utilizes natural solutions to optimize a patient’s overall wellness, while also identifying and addressing the root cause of health conditions such as chronic fatigue, blood sugar imbalances and immune issues, digestive problems, inflammation, depression, brain fog and more.

“By addressing the source of the health problem, we’re able to restore balance and function in the body so that our patients can start feeling like themselves all over again,” Gafken says.

In his clinic at 2146 State Road 8, in Auburn, Ind., Gafken utilizes blood, salivary, hormone and stool testing, which narrows the focus to better pinpoint underlying conditions that need addressing.

“After a comprehensive discussion with our patients and listening to their health concerns, we can better determine which testing methods to use so we can identify imbalances and know how to effectively get them back on track,” he says. “We take a proactive approach, not waiting for symptoms to appear, but rather finding indicators that there may be problems.”

These indicators can include food sensitivities, autoimmunity, digestive problems or hormone imbalances – triggers that the patient has no idea are causing or aggravating their existing health problems.

“Once we have recognized these triggers through refined testing, we are able to supplement their body with the supportive nutrition they need to rebalance, improve and maintain their best possible health,” Gafken says.

A specialist in thyroid functional medicine, Gafken uses it as an example.

“Rarely ever is the question asked why a person becomes hypothyroid in the first place,” he explains. “They know they have over- or under-active thyroid function, but the underlying reason in most cases can be due to autoimmunity and subsequent inflammation, hormonal imbalance, deficient gut microbiome or impaired detoxification.”

Once the patient is diagnosed correctly, he can prescribe a plan that takes into consideration every aspect of the patient’s condition.

“Through adjunctive care, we create a synergy that is beneficial not only to improve and maintain thyroid function, but also establish optimal wellness throughout the patient’s body.”

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