Cooling Your Home the Geothermal Way

Homeowners know they want air conditioning for their comfort and health in summertime, but they’re not always aware of the many choices they have for customizing a cooling system, says Tierney Boggs, marketing coordinator for Collier’s Comfort Services, 215 N. Jefferson St., Ossian, Ind.

“For example, geothermal heating and cooling is growing in popularity, especially in rural areas and with new construction,” she says.

Geothermal energy comes from heat within the earth and is a renewable energy source used to generate electricity for heating and cooling buildings. A series of tubes or coils are buried 10-15 feet below the surface of the earth, where the temperature stays constant.

Geothermal systems are more expensive to install and require a certain amount of space, but they greatly reduce month-to-month costs in the long run.

Owner Todd Zeplin says about 40 percent of his customers are using geothermal energy. He began providing it long before it became trendy.

Especially people living in rural areas have found geothermal energy to be less expensive, more efficient and more environmentally sound, when compared to propane. Like other fans of geothermal, they’re attracted to the monthly utility bill savings.

Other types of air conditioning include central air, ductless and zone-controlled systems.

Collier’s Comfort has more than two decades of experience in repairing and replacing air conditioners and can help homeowners get the best cooling system to meet their needs.

Zeplin opened the doors of Collier’s Heating and Air Conditioning in 1996. The growing business added a second location until one of the business partners retired in 2017. That’s when the two branches, in Ossian and Warsaw, became separately owned. The Ossian branch was renamed Collier’s Comfort Services and continues to be owned by Zeplin.

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