Metal Roofing: A Long-Term Solution

If you like the idea of never having to think about your roof again, you may want to consider installing a metal roof that will outlive you and your children.

“The average grade asphalt roof has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years but with a metal roof, it’s one and done,” says Farbod Salman, marketing director for Shield Exteriors in Garrett, Ind. “This roof is never going to give you issues. And if your home passes down to your children, or you sell it to a new owner, they’ll never have issues either.”

The popularity of metal roofing has risen along with its aesthetic beauty and a better understanding of its value proposition, says Salman.

“A lot more people are installing metal roofing for its durability, but they also just really like the way it looks.”

Unlike the metal roofing of yesterday, most often associated with rural pole barns, today’s metal roofing comes in many colors and styles.

A Shield Exteriors metal roof offers high value because it’s installed only once. The company offers a double lifetime accident-free warranty, meaning the original owners are covered for as long as they own the home and the next owners, or descendants if the home is passed to children, are covered for the duration of their ownership, too.

“There’s no small print in this guarantee and no limit to how many times we’ll come to repair the roof if a storm causes a tree limb to fall on it or it gets damaged,” Salman explains. “This is how we’ve built our reputation for impeccable customer service. We answer the phones seven days a week and never leave a customer hanging. If a problem happens, we’re out there immediately to take care of it.”

Many insurance companies offer a discount to homeowners with metal roofing because they understand its durability.

It’s also an environmentally responsible choice since metal is easily recycled; the average asphalt roof is made with gallons of crude oil. Some 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into landfills each year.

Shield Exteriors employs its own crew of trained, licensed installers. Once a homeowner decides to install a metal roof, a home is measured down to the inch and roof panels are custom cut to fit the home. A metal roof may be installed over a layer of existing shingles, depending on local building codes.

Metal roofing can be installed on a new construction home if the walls are built, says Salman. Since careful measurement is required, it can’t be ordered from a blueprint alone.
Metal roofing is lighter in weight than a shingled roof but more durable in every kind of weather event, he adds.

“The typical customer for a Shield Exteriors metal roof is someone who plans to stay in that home for a long time,” says Salman. “But in the event they do decide to put the home on the market, this kind of roof is definitely a selling point.”

Owners of homes at all price points are choosing metal roofing, says Salman.

Shield Exteriors installs all types of roofing and serves residential customers in northeast Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. It provides free estimates.

“Reliable customer service is the thing we’re very well known for,” says Salman. “That’s how we’ve built our reputation.”

Learn more by calling Shield Exteriors at (260) 818 6072 or stop in at 600 North Randolph, Garrett, Ind. ❚