Furniture Styles as Individual as You Are

People furnish their homes in ways that are as unique as they are. Today’s furniture style options respect individualism, says Brittany Brouer, marketing director at Van’s Home Center in Auburn, Ind.

“Today, furnishing one’s home is very individualized, depending on what people need and want, their budget, and what features they’re looking for,” she says.

One thing is certain: it seems like everyone is buying something.

“We’re selling a lot of everything,” says Brouer. “The vast majority of our business is furniture and people are buying because of the stimulus money, tax returns, unspent vacation money, and because they have spent so much time at home, they’re seeing things they want to change and are looking to be more comfortable at home.

“Our industry has seen one of the busiest times ever and manufacturers are still trying to catch up with the demand. The pandemic has crippled the global supply chain and people are sometimes having to wait two months or more for orders to come in.”

Because many people are remodeling or building new homes, there are material shortages. Bad weather around the country has slowed deliveries in some cases and COVID-19 has forced the closure of some businesses. Other businesses are operating with reduced staff. All of this disrupts the ability to import goods.

“Having to wait was a big shock to people at first, but now they’re getting used to the idea because it’s the standard everywhere,” says Brouer. “Things will settle down eventually and we’ll fall back into ‘normal crazy’ rather than heightened crazy.”

Bringing the outdoors indoors is one popular style trend and farmhouse style furniture accommodates it well. Farmhouse emphasizes both form and function. It’s informal, cozy, relaxing and practical, with industrial and rustic features. Soft textured fabrics combine with sturdy materials like wood and wrought iron, sometimes with vintage finishes. Wicker rattan furniture, left natural or painted, also adds to the lived-in feeling of farmhouse living. The farmhouse look is achieved with neutral paint colors on the walls, a mix of old and new elements, and the incorporation of wood and painted furniture, Brouer says.

There’s an added emphasis on multi-functional pieces today. For example, many people want ottomans and tables that not only look good, but also have storage compartments.

The choices people make also depend upon their stage in life. A young couple with young children and pets will likely head for the budget buys. Empty nesters may opt for more expensive pieces they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Among many other brands, Van’s carries Palettes by Winesburg, furniture that is 100 percent American-made. This all-wood, handcrafted furniture is made in Ohio’s Amish country and a third-generation lumber company selects the best cherry, oak, walnut, maple and hickory woods for its products.

“Because people’s tastes vary, the Van’s Home Center showroom features a wide selection of furniture styles and prices. You can get affordable furniture that’s good quality here,” she says.

A local family business, Van’s Home Center opened in 1973 and has expanded from a 1,500 square-foot store to a 75,000 square-foot “one stop” showroom for the home. Along with furniture, it sells appliances, furniture, flooring, mattresses, cabinetry, countertops, outdoor furniture, grills and much more.

“We’re large enough to compete with big-box stores and we price competitively,” says Brouer.
Learn more by stopping in at Van’s Home Center, 106 Peckhart Ct., Auburn, Ind. ❚