What ‘Smart’ Appliances Can Do for You

If that 30-year-old appliance quits working and you need to replace it, and you haven’t done your homework, you’ll be surprised to find out all the technological advances that allow you to manage your life from your smartphone, whether it’s doing laundry, preparing dinner, or turning on the oven.

“Everything is ‘smart’ now because we live in a ‘smart’ world where everything is connected and can be controlled from a phone held in the palm of your hand,” says Brittany Brouer, marketing director at Van’s Home Center, Auburn, Ind.

For example, one of the most advanced appliances is the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator which is WI-FI enabled and allows you to send notes, sync schedules, see who’s at your front door, search recipes, get meal ideas, play music, and stream movies, and to look inside the refrigerator as you shop, she says.

Other Wi-Fi enabled appliances also allow you to start and stop equipment with your smartphone. A washing machine can hold a large amount of laundry detergent and dispense as needed, large loads of laundry can be finished in 30 minutes, and a small load left in the washer overnight will dry.

“So, you can start the laundry and pre-heat the oven before you even get home. There’s quite a range of what appliances can do for you today and it’s all about what you want and need and what you’re willing to pay for,” she says.

Most people interested in the smart appliances are between 25 and 40 years old, although there are people older and younger who love technology and are not afraid of it, she says.

“The advances give people lots of choice to make life easier and do more in one day. It’s all about personal preference and the choices are driven by consumers who want to do more with their time than doing laundry,” Brouer says.

Brouer suggests that people who are unsure about such technology should get online information from manufacturers about how to use appliances. YouTube, also, is a great source for learning how to do just about anything.

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