Do Your Garage Doors Need Some TLC?

One of the largest and most active parts of your home often gets the least amount of attention, says Jim Platt, general manager of Raynor Door Authority of Fort Wayne, 3636 Lima Road.

“People take for granted the garage door, which opens and closes at least four times a day for most households,” he says.

Garage doors should be checked annually by a professional during a maintenance appointment to examine and lubricate rollers and hinges and to adjust the tension of the springs, says Platt.

This is not a do-it-yourself project, he emphasizes.

“Those springs have a tremendous amount of tension and someone could get seriously hurt trying to take matters into their own hands.”

Advances in technology are allowing garage doors to perform additional functions these days.
“People don’t realize how garage door features can improve their lifestyles,” Platt says.

The Raynor Sentinel residential garage door opener is built with an integrated HD camera that lets you see who is coming and going through a live feed or recording at all times. The opener is also equipped with an audio feature for real-time communication.

The MyQ technology enables you to monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone, tablet or computer. The garage door can be opened and closed for safe deliveries.Alerts can be received as email or pop-up notifications. MyQ mobile app is a free download and requires no activation fee.

Platt got his start in the business many years ago while working for a competitor. A friend who worked for a Christian radio station told him Raynor was hiring. He sent off a resume and got an interview.

Platt listened to Jack Curtis, founder and first general manager of the Fort Wayne location, talk about the plans he had for the company; he liked what he heard. Curtis said the company would train people to service products and deliver customer service that exceeded expectations.

“He painted this unbelievable picture of how things could be, and I thought at the time that even if half of his plans came true, it would be remarkable – but they all came true,” Platt says.

Curtis, a Las Vegas native, is semi-retired now but still works at Raynor. He grew up in the service industry and exceeding customer expectations was just part of who he is, Platt says. His customer service philosophy continues today at Raynor.

“Our whole mode of operation is that, when people come through the doors or call us, we want them to have an experience that convinces them to do business with us,” says Platt. “And we do that by listening to their wants and needs and partnering with them to get the desired result.”

Raynor provides full-service garage door and opener sales, delivery, installation, repair and maintenance and 24-hour emergency service for commercial and residential customers. In addition to garage doors, it supplies and services entry and storm doors, patio and screen doors. It also does sectional door repair and replacement for homeowners.

To schedule an appointment or to obtain more information, call or email Platt at Raynor, (260) 471-5200, [email protected].