What to Know When Siding Your Home

Although it’s an expensive project, siding your home can quickly boost its value, energy efficiency and curb appeal – and free you from the dreaded scrape-and-paint cycle. Here are things to know.

“You’re mostly paying for the labor in a siding installation,” says Kevin Hunter, co-owner of Windows, Doors & More in Fort Wayne. “To me, it makes sense to choose at least a nice, medium thickness such as .044 thousandths of an inch vinyl siding.

“Darker colors are treated with acrylic to prevent sun bleaching. This really works well, but people should be aware darker colors cost 25 percent more because of that acrylic coating.”

About 75 percent of the siding he sells is vinyl, but some customers choose cement board, which costs about 50 percent more than vinyl.

“Cement board more closely resembles real cedar boards than vinyl,” he explains. “Both the material and labor costs are higher. It’s heavier and requires three people to handle the boards instead of two. It’s very sturdy and well worth the cost for a quality project. Some people use it only for the front of the home.”

Both vinyl and cement board are woodpecker-proof.

Homeowners also must choose what density of backer board to use.

“Backer board really smoothes out the wall nicely so there’s a flat surface for the siding to go over,” Hunter explains.

A high R value, such as foam-backed 3 R, offers superior insulation and soundproofing, important to homeowners living near a highway or other noise. An R value of 1.5 is sufficient for most people.

Beware home improvement merchants who try to talk you into using the same color for siding, soffit and fascia, or who limit siding color options to a few, Hunter advises.

“Some places push three to five common colors for their own convenience, not yours,” he says. “We offer 75 colors. It’s not a bad idea to distinguish your home from others by choosing a tasteful color combination.”

Shutters are still popular, with panel-style edging out louver-style. They’re taking 12 to 16 weeks to order, so plan ahead. An average vinyl siding installation takes 7 to 10 days to complete, longer for cement board.

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