Tips for Achieving a Beautiful Landscape

If you’ve always wanted a beautiful landscape but don’t know how to start, Jim Brubaker has some advice.

“Even if you can’t afford to implement it all at once, it’s a good idea to work with a professional to draw up a comprehensive landscape design plan that can be completed in stages,” he says. “That way it will be cohesive when you’re done, not scattershot.” Brubaker owns Jim Brubaker Designs, Inc., in Fort Wayne.

There’s more to know about landscaping than meets the eye.

Landscape designers know which plants thrive under various conditions, if and when they bloom, and which plants work well together. They know how to amend soil properly and how to make sure something offers color every week from early spring to late fall – no easy feat. They know which plants best accommodate children, pets and wildlife. They also know how to boost your property’s curb appeal and set your home apart from others.

A good designer learns about you – your tastes and lifestyle – and can suggest options you may have never thought about. Maybe this means installing a stone wall or walkway, a pergola for shade, a trellis to support vertical beauty, a water feature, outdoor fireplace or something else.

“Aside from improper planning, the biggest mistake we see people make is placing plants in spaces that will be too small for the plant at maturity or that are too close to a sidewalk or structure,” says Brubaker. “You don’t want to prune plants to fit a space – you want plants to take their natural shape and complement your home, not hide it.”

Brubaker’s goal as a landscape designer is to increase the enjoyment people experience outdoors.

“In the end, it’s their garden, not mine,” he says. “I love working with people, I love plants and I love being outdoors. I enjoy watching a vision come to life, surrounding people with beauty and making them happy.”

Brubaker has worked with plants and people all of his adult life, first as a florist and later as the co-owner/president of a landscape design company. He opened Jim Brubaker Design with his late wife, Vicki, in 2008. It includes a gift shop, JBD Home, specializing in unique indoor and outdoor home décor, from furniture and lamps to fountains and planters.

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